Welcome to Regista Football

Regista Football is a Football Manager blog, focused on bringing you regular content surrounding different topics from within the world of FM and indeed my world of FM. So if you’re an avid lover of Football Manager or just the occasional player, there will be something for you on the blog.

The content you can intend to find will be; the progression of my FM saves and what I’m doing in them; highlighting some hot prospects that are in FM; team guides for FM; some tips and tactics that I use in the game; and lastly, my two cents in which I share my views on topics in football that might be hot points.

So to view the progress of my current FM saves, click the link below;


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To view the FM Team Guides, where you’ll be able to find out starting budgets of teams, what their squads are like and possible recruitment, click the link below;


Also, you can find the sections on the blog about tactics I’ve created, scouting and how I play the game below too;


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